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Rules for Team Discussions

Team Assignments

- The teams are randomly assigned; for various reasons it is not recommended that team member change the proposed assignments.
Team Assignments for Challenges

Team Operation

- Teams must choose:

  1. A secratary
  2. A presenter
  3. A doodler

- The roles of these are defined as:

  1. Secretary is responsible for taking notes and summarizing what the team has discussed and concluded
  2. Presenter presents the results. Note: Presenter and Secretary roles cannot be filled by the same person.
  3. Doodler is responsible for making diagrams explaining the points that the team wants to convey to the group.

- After the Team presentations the persons responsible must:

  1. Secretary and presenter should collaborate on a final version of points to hand in to Workshop Organizers.
  2. Doodler must help Workshop staff take pictures of the diagrams created.
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